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Voting is a privilege and a responsibility

To the editor:

I often hear people say their vote won’t make any difference. I would like to present this information to show that one vote does make a difference.

1649: By one vote, Charles of England was executed.

1774: By one vote, Americans chose English over German as the official language of America.

1824: By one vote, John Quincy Adams became president in a deadlock between him and Andrew Jackson.

1868: By one vote, Andrew Johnson was saved from impeachment.

1876: By one vote, France went from a monarchy to a republic.

1928: By one vote, Hitler won leadership of the Nazi Party; eventually, control of all Germany, resulting in World War II.

1941: By one vote, Selective Service was saved, and that was just 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor.

1948: By one vote, Harry Truman carried Ohio and California by less than one vote per precinct.

2012: By one vote, Mary Franson of Alexandria was allowed to return as a legislator to the Minnesota House. I know someone who had walked three miles to vote for Mary before he was picked up by a policeman and given a ride the rest of the way.

Voting is not only a great privilege, it is a responsibility to yourself, your state and nation, and to future generations.