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Vote Democrat if this is what you believe

To the editor:

Do you believe distortions and lies over facts and empirical evidence of women being paid less than men for identical work according to the 1980 survey? Do you believe women working for the current administration should continue to be paid less than their male counterparts? Then you should vote Democrat.

Do you think bigger government using your taxpayer money on important issues like the snail darters sex life is a worthwhile investment? Do you think this country was not founded on moral principles?

Do you think Big Government should be allowed to brutalize and kill children while still in the womb?

Do you think Big Government should be in charge of 35 percent of our GDP? Do you think the First Amendment to the Constitution and/or even the entire Constitution no longer applies?

Do you think borrowing a trillion dollars for “stimulus” to buy union votes when we are already $16 trillion in debt is sound fiscal policy?

Do you think the premeditated and preventable murder of four Americans in our Embassy and there was “Nothing we can do about it” then inferring 55 Americans were killed under the Bush terms when it was five (still tragic, but there was retaliation for them) is acceptable?

Do you think because the main stream media has totally ignored the Republican proposals to include pre-existing conditions along with tort reform and allowing purchase of health insurance across state lines and the fact that no Republican ideas were allowed in the ACA (Obamacare) means they don’t care?

Do you think spreading lies about gun purchasers not needing identification to purchase firearms is helping your credibility (I just had to get a permit from the county sheriff after a background check and $100 so I don’t know where this information comes from)?

Then vote Democrat.

Roger Hegland

Alexandria, MN