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VA offers new dental insurance option

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides comprehensive dental care to veterans who meet eligibility standards. However, the benefit is not available to many veterans.

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The St. Cloud VA would like all veterans and beneficiaries to have access to good oral health.

VA’s new Dental Insurance Program (VADIP) offers enrolled veterans and beneficiaries of VA’s Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) the opportunity to purchase dental insurance at a reduced cost. VA offers this service through Delta Dental and MetLife.

VADIP is a three-year, national pilot program to assess the feasibility and advisability of providing a premium-based dental insurance plan to eligible individuals.

Veterans enrolled in the VA health care program and CHAMPVA program beneficiaries are eligible to participate in VADIP. Participation in VADIP will not affect veterans’ eligibility for VA dental services and treatment.

Dependents of veterans, except those eligible under CHAMPVA, are not eligible for VADIP. However, separate coverage options may be offered dependents by the insurance carrier.

Individuals interested in participating in VADIP may complete an application online, over the phone or by mail. A direct link to each provider’s VADIP webpage is available from

Coverage under VADIP begins January 1.

Multiple plan options will allow participants to select a plan that provides benefits and premiums that meet their dental needs and budget.

Each participant will pay a fixed monthly premium for coverage, in addition to any copayments required by his or her plan.

For more information on VADIP, visit or call Delta Dental at 1-855-370-3303 or MetLife at 1-888-310-1681.

For local information, veterans should contact their county veteran service officer. Contact information can be found at or in the county government section of local phone books.