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U.S. Senate candidate to greet Alexandria residents

U.S. Senate candidate Chris Dahlberg, who announced his candidacy to run against Senator Al Franken in late September, will bring his Front Porch Leadership message to the people of Alexandria on Saturday, November 16 from 9 to 10 a.m. at Traveler’s Inn Restaurant.

Chris Dahlberg, US Senate Candidate“Minnesotans are tired of feeling detached from their national leaders while seeing more of their hard-earned dollars spent on taxes,” said Dahlberg, who is board chair of northern Minnesota’s St. Louis County. “We need to get back to having more input from everyday Minnesotans about what’s really important, and that’s what I’m seeking as I visit people all over the state.”

Dahlberg is inviting the public to attend his talk to share their thoughts.

“Throughout this campaign, you’re going to hear me talking about a return to Front Porch Leadership,” Dahlberg said. “Since the best government is that closest to the people, the best way to learn what you want is to talk to you, face to face on front porches or in casual gatherings.”

Dahlberg is the only Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who is from outside the metro area.

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