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UCAN kicks off White Ribbon Campaign

United Communities Advocating Non-Violence (UCAN) is kicking off its White Ribbon Campaign (WRC). The public is invited to a kick-off event on Friday, February 28 at noon at Alexandria City Hall.

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It will be an opportunity for men to show their unity in ending domestic violence against women. All men in the community are invited to attend. A soup luncheon will be served.

The purpose of the WRC is to raise awareness and to show support for men’s and boys’ roles and responsibilities in ending violence against women.

UCAN asks men to step forward to take a personal pledge. The WRC gives men an opportunity to send a public message that they care about these issues and take responsibility to learn about solutions to end men’s violence against women.

The WRC is a local connection to the international campaign created by a group of Canadian men in 1991 in remembrance of the second anniversary of one man’s massacre of 14 women in Montreal. These men began the WRC to urge men to speak out against violence against women.

Today the WRC is a worldwide campaign in more than 60 countries and has collected more than 5 million signatures.

UCAN aims to change societal attitudes and beliefs that enable and excuse violence, promote safety and respect in all relationships and situations and foster a positive image of masculinity.

For more information on how to be involved, call (320) 763-3968 or e-mail