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Trumm Drug in Glenwood targeted in attempted burglary

By Deb Mercier

Pope County Tribune

An incident police believe may be an attempted burglary occurred at Trumm Drug in Glenwood on Monday, February 24.

Two impact points on Trumm Drug’s west door, the pharmacy entrance, were observed by law enforcement at approximately 8:47 p.m. on February 24, according to Glenwood Police Chief Dale Danter.

One impact point on the glass door was believed to be a bullet hole, and one appeared to be the result of a blow from a blunt object, Danter said. A 9mm shell casing was found on the step. Though the glass door was cracked, no access was made to Trumm Drug, said Danter.

The Pope County Sheriff’s Department had a vehicle parked behind Glenwood State Bank and Glenwood City Police were parked on South Franklin Street observing the downtown area; a woman approached the sheriff’s vehicle and informed the officer that the Trumm Drug door appeared damaged.

Danter said a prior 911 call that night requesting medical assistance at America’s Best Value Inn may have been an attempt to divert attention away from the Trumm Drug area. Danter said the caller reported a false room number and the name did not match anyone staying at the hotel; with recent armed robberies in both Alexandria and Morris, Danter said law enforcement was suspicious and placed officers at observation points in downtown Glenwood.

The incident at Trumm Drug may be related to a recent Douglas County case, according to Danter.

“It could be a much larger picture,” he said. Pope County law enforcement will continue to work with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and Douglas County investigators. More information has been gathered, said Danter, but is not yet being released pending the investigation.