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Treat single people like complete grown-ups

To the editor:

I am a single woman from Douglas County and I read your announcement to the Single Ladies of Douglas County (dated 2/7/14) with some consternation.

I know the authors of the article meant it to be lighthearted, but I can’t help but be offended.

The women of Douglas County are more than American Bridget Jones doppelgängers who are crying their way through Lifetime movies every weekend. We’re not all waiting for the man of our dreams to come along so that our lives can start.

We work, we volunteer, we participate in this community. If we spend the weekend on the couch, it is our choice (Just like many coupled people spend a weekend on the couch. It is their choice, but somehow not a reason for pity.).

“Women of Douglas County, there is hope yet!” Echo Press, I’ve always had hope - for me - regardless of my romantic attachments. Can we start treating single people like complete grown-ups with actual lives that are being fully lived?

A woman’s worth is not dependent upon having a partner - man or woman - in her life.

This article was about 65 years too late for its intended audience.