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There is hope for recovery

To the editor:

What went wrong? For a while, ours was a great country. People flocked to our shores, looking for freedom and opportunity to prosper. Our children were the best educated in the world. Honesty was a way of life. Businessmen lived by the contracts they negotiated. Children obeyed their parents, and parents loved their children. Churches were full. Government served its people. God was honored in homes and in the marketplace.

So much of that has changed. Those among us, many years past their birth, agree that the world they live in today is not the same world in which they grew up.

Cleon Skousen believes it’s because “Providence has been evicted.” That is, Almighty God, whose mighty hand formed this once the greatest country in all of recorded history, has been dismissed, or ignored or eliminated from the daily lives and decisions of far too many of our citizens. The base upon which the United States of America was built is crumbling before our eyes.

So long as the breath of freedom pulsates in the hearts of those who comprise the population of our country, there is hope for recovery. Lies can be replaced with truth. Despair can be replaced with bright hope. Defeat can be replaced with victory.