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Ten lakes, 20 streams removed from 2014 draft Impaired Water List

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) recently announced the draft 2014 Impaired Waters List, which will be open for public comment in January.

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Ten lakes and 20 streams reaching across Minnesota have been removed from this year’s list.

“In recent years, thanks in part to the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, MPCA has greatly accelerated its schedule for assessing surface waters,” said assistant commissioner Rebecca Flood. “Our local partners are making impressive progress on addressing water quality problems through their actions, so in every biennial cycle, we are able to remove a few more lakes and streams from the list.”

Some highlights of this year’s list include:

● Three out of four sections of the Mississippi River’s 32 miles of impaired water can now be removed from the list.

● Two sections of the Red River of the North near Fargo-Moorhead have been removed from the draft list.

● Nine metro-area lakes have been removed from the list as a result of work to correct their impairments.

Most of the changes to the list are a result of intensive monitoring conducted in 18 watersheds around the state in 2012 and 2013, as well as statewide assessments for bacteria in large rivers and for pesticides and nitrates in drinking water.

The MPCA conducts intensive monitoring in eight to nine of the state’s 81 major watersheds each year, a process which will enable every watershed in the state to be monitored by 2018.

Work is still underway to assess waters used for growing wild rice and to identify those that exceed acceptable levels of sulfates.

The MPCA plans to make the results of the wild rice sulfate standard assessments available as an addendum to this version of the Impaired Waters list when the assessments are complete.

Formal written comments on the list will be accepted January 2-31.

For more information, visit the Impaired Waters List page at www. or contact Miranda Nichols at (651) 757-2614 or miranda.