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Take a page from Reagan’s playbook to address climate change

To the editor:

Some of my fellow Christians seem to believe that the science of climate change cannot be real because God would not allow such a catastrophe to happen to our earth. I view Scriptures differently.

God created the earth and declared his creation “good.” He gave man dominion over the earth with directions to care for it; as well as free will to make decisions - good or bad. Through the ages man has had many failings in caring for the earth.

We, however, have a recent example of man’s care of the earth that would seem to meet God’s expectations. In the 1980s, scientists discovered manmade halogens used in refrigeration, aerosols, solvents, etc. were escaping into the atmosphere and rapidly depleting atmospheric ozone. Trace levels of ozone reflect high energy ultraviolet radiation and provide an essential protection for plant and human life.

President Reagan, even with somewhat incomplete scientific data, decided the country could not accept the risk of ozone depletion and acted quickly. In 1987, the administration coordinated the Montreal Protocol, a treaty of 43 nations, that agreed to phase out these ozone depleting gasses. Today the ozone layer is slowly recovering and mankind is no longer threatened.

Now we face an even more serious environmental threat to God’s creation - climate change. Unlike the ozone issue, this science is well understood and settled. Today’s issue seems to be: Will we exercise the earth stewardship that God expects of mankind to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren or will we rationalize the problem doesn’t exist through religious and political dogma?

I believe it’s time to take a page from Reagan’s playbook and act now.