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Sometimes it takes a famous person to raise concern

To the editor:

I was visiting with a friend about the sad passing of Robin Williams. My friend had a close experience with suicide and was upset that a “famous person” gets so much attention after a suicide, but not “Joe blow” when it happens in our own community.

We talked about how Betty Ford (President Ford’s wife) brought breast cancer out from behind closed doors into public awareness, that sometimes it takes a “famous person” to bring a concern into clearer view and remove the stigma attached to talking about the issue.

Maybe we can’t fix the issues and concerns attached to depression and other mental health diagnoses or even drug or alcohol addictions. We can learn how to be supports to our families and friends that suffer from these illnesses.

Resources can be obtained from County Public Health and Social Services. Information gained can be a step to understanding the differences among our fellow beings and may help us see how much the same we are also.

Remembering a simple basic – The Golden Rule – can help us help each other on our journey in life. Sharing a smile doesn’t hurt either.