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Sheriff's office employees have many duties in county

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of letters the Echo Press is publishing as part of national County Government Month.

To the editor:

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) provides law enforcement services to the citizens of Douglas County. It is our mission to protect and serve everyone in Douglas County to the best of our abilities.

The most visible way we do this is with our deputies assigned to patrol Douglas County. Other things we do are not as visible.

The DCSO has 89 employees that work in various areas and capacities. The different areas are: patrol, investigations, narcotics, civil process, water patrol, records, communications (dispatch), school resource officer, court security, and the Douglas County Jail.

Some areas have several employees assigned and others may have only one. We also have specialized teams to respond and take care of more specific incidents. Those teams are SWAT, Dive and Water Rescue, K-9, Honor Guard and Sheriff’s Posse.

• Patrol – Patrol Douglas County in marked squad cars and answer a variety of calls. Last year, deputies answered 11,301 calls for service.

• Investigations – Investigate crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery and assault.

• Records – Maintain and manage records and assist visitors to DCSO.

• Communications – Answer 9-1-1 calls in Douglas County and business phones, and dispatch all emergency services.

• Narcotics – Investigate persons involved in the illegal distribution of drugs.

• Civil process – Serve civil documents such as restraining orders, subpoenas and eviction notices.

• Water patrol – Patrol lakes in marked boats to ensure safe use of lakes.

• School resource officer – Develop relationships with students and staff in Douglas County schools.

• Jail – Correctional staff ensure the safety and security of inmates, transport inmates to outside services, and provide programs for inmates to make personal life changes.

• Court security – Ensure safety and security for employees and visitors to the courts.

The employees of the DCSO are dedicated, and protect and serve Douglas County with pride.