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Seifert-Myhra ticket is well balanced

To the editor:

As a young person from rural Minnesota, I am excited to vote for Marty Seifert in the August 12 GOP primary. For the first time in many years, Minnesotan Republicans will have the chance to vote in a competitive primary to decide our statewide candidate to defeat Mark Dayton. Dayton has been a poor leader, raising taxes on hard working families and businesses and failing to take responsibility for the dysfunctional MNsure Obamacare system.

The Seifert-Myhra ticket is by far the most balanced. They are the only one that truly represent both rural and metro Minnesotans in contrast to Mark Dayton’s all-Minneapolis ticket.

Seifert’s experience is a mix of both public and private. He has worked as a public school teacher, university admission counselor, legislator, Realtor, executive director of a hospital foundation, and, currently, owns a small business with his wife, Traci. Seifert understands the problems that small business owners face in this state, because they are problems he has also faced.

A governor with a wealth of real world experience and knowledge is the best bet for putting Minnesota back on the right track, which is why I am supporting Marty Seifert this August.

(A paid political letter)