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School board discusses flex zone changes

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The regular meeting for Alexandria School Board District 206 went smoothly on January 27. All actions were approved unanimously.

Among the approved items were new boundary recommendations that determine where students attend schools. Judy Backhaus, director of human resources in District 206, reviewed the information that was presented at the January 8 workshop regarding new boundary recommendations and assumptions.

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The recommendations included extending a flex zone for the elementary schools. The flex zone is in the middle of town and allows students to easily move to a larger building, helping control the class sizes of the schools. Because the flex zone is not in the outer lakes area, it is easy for buses to maneuver and make alternate stops.

Currently, Backhaus believes that about 10 percent of students reside in the flex zone. Moving the flex would incorporate another 75 to 100 students that the school district would work with to find the best placement based on size.

Backhaus said that while the flex zone is not neighborhood school friendly, meaning there is no guarantee that a student will be in the same school as their neighbor, the school district will not separate families.