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Say yes to reducing ethanol production

To the editor:

Ethanol is a waste of time and energy. Ethanol is a slow killer of our automobile engines. The amount of energy needed to produce ethanol is not worth the amount of energy it outputs.

I drive a flex fuel vehicle capable of using e85. However, I refuse to use it. My vehicle has less power when running on e85, thus giving me worse miles per gallon and having to fill up more.

Most ethanol is made from corn and we rely on corn too much already: from food and drinks to plastics. If we rely on it for a fuel source, eventually everything corn-related will increase in price. Plain and simple, let’s not use a major food source as a fuel source.

As for the farmers, I know a lot of farmers who hate the ethanol business. The farmers aren’t making good money when they sell their corn to the ethanol plants. In fact, they are losing money!

I say, close the ethanol factories. As for the jobs lost, well, not every job is worth keeping.