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In response to vote Republican letter

To the editor:

This letter is in response to a letter in the March 21 Opinion page (Vote Republican if you have these beliefs).

If you think that Republicans don’t want equal pay for equal work for women, then you are a bit naive.

Republicans don’t believe that Big Government should decide who to marry, Republicans believe that we are all animals and I don’t know of any of the animals other than humans who think that same sexes should mate with each other.

Republicans don’t believe that Big Government should control a woman’s reproductive rights, we think it’s the woman’s moral values that should decide that.

As far as Big Government paying for penis pumps and Viagra, how would you even know that unless you checked it out?

When it comes to subsidizing oil and pharmaceuticals and cutting food stamps for children and veterans, what has to be done is to take the corruption and fraud out of all those programs. Good Luck!

And how about not paying off our national debt? Try not paying off your car loan and then give this car to your kids. What’s the difference?

How many Republicans have you talked to who want polluted air and dirty water?

As far as Obama being wrong if he announced that 2 + 2 = 4, we really don’t believe that, but, if he said that with Obamacare, if you have a doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. Republicans have a problem with that.