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Representative turned her back on school district

To the editor:

At our household, we watched late into the night of April 8 and into the early hours of April 9, the House floor debates on HF 826.

Rep Davnie was very patient with the Republican and Tea Party speakers, repeatedly answering the same questions over and over, and listening to the same argument by the same members as they approached the floor several times. The House voted to allow the debate to continue, and for the vote to go past midnight.

As these members talked, I became awkwardly embarrassed for the women, and equally embarrassed for the men, who argued against HF 826, the Safe and Supportive School Act. The question came to mind, why are they dragging this out, knowing that the bill will pass?

On April 11, Rep. Mary Franson released a Legislative Update. In it she states, “In the dark of the night, House Democrats voted to pass the so-called “Safe and Supportive School Act.” I find her statement disingenuous.

Rep. Franson turned her back on her own school district, District 206; against Superintendent Lahn, who supported this bill as a bill that brings pieces to the table to strengthen the district’s current policy.

District 8B, we can do better.