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Remember reflector requirements along highways

Property owners along state highways are reminded to use only blue or clear reflectors when marking driveway entrances and other objects on highway rights of way, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

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People installing reflectors on the highway right of way need to follow these guidelines:

● Reflectors posted near mailboxes and driveways should be blue or clear in color and at least three inches wide.

● Reflectors should be double-sided and positioned so they can be seen from both directions.

● Driveway reflectors should be posted at least 12 feet from the outside edge of the shoulder and no more than five feet above the ground to reduce the chances of being covered by snow when the road is plowed.

● Reflectors should never be placed on mailboxes or permanent posts, including red and orange colored reflectors and any type of reflective tape. Motorists may confuse reflectors with vehicle lights.