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Recipient of Car Care wants to pay it forward

To the editor:

No day goes by without my deep gratitude for the assistance of Douglas County Car Care Program.

We are all struggling with the ongoing cold winter. My van recently needed a new blower motor. It’s not a novelty to drive without warm air and a buildup of interior window frost.

My ongoing health issues and limitations, plus a set low-income, qualified me for the Car Care guidelines. It’s very humbling to accept such an awesome gift and I wish to pay it forward.

I would appreciate any help you could give this program in its need to find good used vehicles to pass on to those needing transportation. The Car Care volunteers use their own shop space and technicians to help others have safe, warm transportation.

We can so easily take our vehicles for granted, with the freedom to travel as desired, while others struggle without their own transportation for jobs, etc.

My sincere gratitude goes out to Sonnie, Cliff, Jim, Juettner Motors, Koep’s Korner, and all the others who make this project a success. Your kindness is so appreciated!