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Racism and hate expressed in Alexandria is extremely offensive

To the editor:

I am writing to you regarding an issue of major concern to me and probably for the community of Alexandria as well.

I am Isam Alakhras, a physician working for the Alexandria Clinic and Douglas County Hospital since 2007.

My wife and I finally decided that Alexandria was where we probably wanted to settle so we started looking for a house. We narrowed our list down to two houses in the Rue De Frenchman/County Road 120 NE neighborhood, which is off Lake L’Homme Dieu, so we went with our realtor to have a second viewing of two houses in that neighborhood.

On our way into one of the houses, we (my wife, myself and the realtor) could hear some loud voices from the next door neighbor’s house, but we did not pay much attention at that time. The realtor then showed us the house, yard and landscaping. On our way out of the house, a kid, probably 10 years old, came out of the next door neighbor’s house and started screaming at us, “Never come back!” He then dropped his shorts and bent down. He basically “mooned” us. He clearly was talking to some adult inside the house right before he did that.

We were extremely offended by such words and actions. Those remarks were clearly racial. Those words and actions were not of that kid himself. He was probably acting on behalf of his parents.

I have lived and served the community of Alexandria for the last seven years and have many friends here. I am so shocked and speechless. I had never imagined Alexandria (until last Sunday) being a place where so much racism and hate could be expressed in public, right in the middle of the day.