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Racial feelings not shared by many residents in Alexandria

To the editor:

In response to Dr. Isam Alakhras’ letter in July 16 Echo Press:

The racially motivated incident recently experienced by Dr. Alakhras and his wife is troubling and unacceptable. This type of hateful behavior is not only offensive, but damaging to the community as a whole.

It’s unfortunate that someone used a child to send a demeaning, excluding message to a neighborhood visitor due to skin color or another perceived difference.

While it’s true that every community does have members who might similarly act out, there are far more of us who reject such behavior, do not share the associated bigoted beliefs and who may even be unaware of their existence.

Our communities will be made stronger by calling out hatred when it occurs and by striving to make everyone feel an integral part of the community. If we expect to be on the leading edge in manufacturing, health care and like areas, we need to be able to recruit and retain the talent that’s required, despite so-called differences.

Thank you to Dr. Alakhras for pointing out his experience and for his service to our community.