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Pet owners should find homes for unwanted turtles and other pets

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking pet owners to find “forever homes” for unwanted turtles and other pets. A forever home means an appropriate environment where the animal will be cared for the rest of its life.

Unwanted animals should be gifted to regional or state parks. Alternatively, animals could be given to local humane or nonprofit societies.

If people have difficulties placing unwanted animals, they should contact the appropriate regional nongame wildlife specialist at

People shouldn’t release animals, even native species, that have been maintained in captivity. The risk of spreading disease to wild animal populations far outweighs the benefit of releasing one or two animals into the wild.

Moving native species and releasing captive animals is detrimental to their quality of life. These animals often attempt to migrate back to their former home range (in the case of relocated native species), which often involves crossing busy roads.