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People say urgent action is needed

To the editor:

Last month, Jeanne Johnson called out Pryce Score of Kensington for citing a handful of rogue “scientists” who think climate change is a hoax. This prompted Mr. Score to respond, bemoaning Johnson’s name calling.

I’d say to Mr. Score: Put down your tissue box and toughen up, man. Ms. Johnson was absolutely correct with her letter. The tiny handful of climate change deniers you cite are so relatively insignificant they aren’t even worth mentioning.

Forbes recently published an article that said a new analysis of 21 scientific surveys reflecting public opinions in 46 states showed that large majorities of Americans now believe global warming is a manmade problem and that the government should reign in greenhouse gas emissions, especially at power plants. Survey results showed the same for both red and blue states.

Even the oil industry including ExxonMobile openly acknowledge their contribution to climate change and are currently taking steps to deal with future taxation on their pollution. Revenue from the tax will be returned to the people to offset increased costs for renewables at the pump for example.

The concern about climate change has triggered a world-wide movement that’s raised awareness of our environment. That is such a good thing! Conversely, there’ll always be negativity by those who only understand dollar symbols or enjoy looking for hypocrisy in anyone who tries to do something good.

The movement isn’t perfect but the effort is there and a lot of sincere, well-informed and thoughtful people are saying that urgent action is needed. Jeanne Johnson is leading the effort in Alexandria. She is a first-class person in every sense of the word. I applaud her and any other Minnesotan trying to do the right thing.

Al Schmidt

Alexandria, MN