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Most eligible bachelors of Douglas County

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Tom-E-Lee, 39, Alexandria, Morning radio show personality, Z992 / 11
Jesse Callfas, 42, Alexandria, Machinist, Alexandria Extrusion3 / 11
Ryan Zirpel, 27, Alexandria, Territory Sales Manager, Syngenta4 / 11
John Bosek, 52, Garfield, Owner, Bosek Masonry Construction5 / 11
Ryan Cook, 28, Alexandria, Police officer, Alexandria Police Dept.6 / 11
Chris Kleine, 28, Alexandria, Financial Analyst, Geneva Capital7 / 11
Zach Conover, 25, Nelson, Diesel mechanic, Central Specialties, Inc. 8 / 11
Mike Widner, 42, Alexandria, Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church9 / 11
Danny Sieve, 38, Alexandria, Real estate agent, Coldwell Banker, Crown Realtors10 / 11
Anthony Zimny, 29, Alexandria, Part owner, Dilley Zimny Insurance11 / 11

By Annie Harman and Jessica Sly

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Women don’t need men in their lives, but they certainly make the best accessories. Whether it’s a fantastic handbag or a worthy companion, we want the best of the best.

It’s not always easy to find those high-end quality products; at times it feels even harder to find the high-end quality men.

If you’re in the market for a male companion, there are many places to do some much needed window shopping until you find the perfect product.

If you’re going to hit up the bars, find one that has something interactive: karaoke, trivia, games, anything that opens up the opportunity to introduce your fabulous self. Plus, who doesn’t want someone confident enough to belt out a Backstreet Boys song in public?

Hit two birds with one stone by changing up your usual shopping routine. Menards and Fleet Farm are both full of men on any given day, and they are sure to notice the wild females who dare enter their natural habitat. Bonus: The men you’ll find there are usually modern day Tim “The Tool-Man” Taylor. It’s tool time!

One can never underestimate the power of anything sports related when it comes to finding men. From Blizzard games to open lanes at the bowling alley, the energy that goes with competition is undeniably magnetic. Whether you land an athlete or a fan, they will be someone you can always rely on for a good time.

When it comes down to it, all of these things take time out of your precious day. If time is limited in your life, don’t fret. We did the work for you and lined up 10 completely different and equally eligible guys for your viewing pleasure.

Questions we asked:

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

2. What fictional character do you most relate to?

3. If you could be an animal, what would you be?

4. If you could rock any type of facial hair, what would it be?

5. Spider-Man or Batman?

Tom-E-Lee, 39 Alexandria Morning radio show personality, Z99

Tom-E was adopted from Beirut, Lebanon, and lived in Sioux Falls and the Twin Cities before settling down in Alexandria for work. Though he is busy being a morning radio personality, he still finds time for photography, martial arts, volleyball, anything involving the lake life, and his professional hobby: magic. In fact, Tom-E still has the first magic set his mom ever gave him. When the ladies aren’t too distracted by his great eyelashes, they may learn that Tom-E is nice, generous and a huge fan of Prince.

1. Chinese food. I’m a bit of a foodie and the Great Hunan is better than anything in the Cities!

2. Merlin from the Sword in the Stone.

3. A dog. I would get treats all day and I could go to the bathroom anywhere. And it would be OK because I’d be a dog.

4. No facial hair, but rainbow hair!

5. Batman just trumps all. If your car broke down who would you rather have with you, Batman and his utility belt or Spider-Man and his web?

Jesse Callfas, 42 Alexandria Machinist, Alexandria Extrusion

He’s family-oriented. He’s mastered how to run a resort. He’s a native Iowan. And now he’s one of the Most Eligible Bachelors of Douglas County. Jesse helps run a resort on Lake Ida with his parents, owns property near Rose City and has worked as a machinist at Alex Extrusion for 19 years. Living life on a resort has fueled his hobbies of fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting and being outdoors. Perhaps not a surprise to those who know him, Jesse always has a smile on his face. He’s outgoing, loves to have a laugh and just all around have a good time. As a family man, Jesse cherishes his memories of fishing with his parents, and he loves making new memories with his eight nieces and nephews. And on top of that, he’s quite the romantic.

1. Spending time on the beach, looking at the moon and stars and listening to the wave action on the lake.

2. Any Tom Cruise character.

3. Bald eagle because they are a sign of freedom and can see for great distances.

4. Beard.

5. Spider-Man.

Ryan Zirpel, 27 Alexandria Territory Sales Manager, Syngenta

Originally located near the East River in South Dakota, Ryan ended up in Alexandria for his career. He keeps busy by playing any sport, hunting, riding snowmobile, boating and playing with his puppy. In high school, he proudly held the position of last chair trombone in the band. Ryan is hardworking, honest and very kind, despite the fact that as a kid he forced his younger brothers to learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels just a mere week after they first received them. At least that way he had someone to ride around the farm with.

1. Cheap frozen pizza gets me every time.

2. Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles.

3. A kangaroo because they can’t hop backwards.

4. A Yosemite Sam-style mustache.

5. Batman.

John Bosek, 52 Garfield Owner, Bosek Masonry Construction

John, a volunteer firefighter, settled in his hometown of Alexandria not only to take over his father’s business but because of its great beauty. He is honest, hardworking and caring and enjoys spending his time outdoors. The outdoor activities he is most fond of include, but are not limited to, snowmobiling, hiking, canoeing, camping, hunting and fishing. His fondest childhood memories are those of going to the snowmobile races with his mom and pop, which sparked his love he still has for them today. When it comes to John, every day brings something new.

1. Snowmobiling racing. It’s fun, but costly!

2. I probably shouldn’t say this, but the Beverly Hillbillies. They take everything in stride, like me.

3. Probably a golden retriever. They’re good hunters, best friends, laid back and happy no matter what.

4. A beard for camouflage.

5. Batman! He has a lot of neat toys and is similar to a fireman.

Ryan Cook, 28 Alexandria Police officer, Alexandria Police Dept.

Ryan likes to have fun. He grew up playing ball with his dad in the backyard and now enjoys fishing, golfing, skiing, watching movies, playing poker and spending time with family. Not only that, but he loves traveling adventures. He’s been to 34 of the 50 states. He also has a great sense of humor, is a good listener and is detail oriented. He’s used to a bigger town, but his love of the area grew while he was pursuing college studies and pulled him away from the metropolitan region. It didn’t hurt that he later got a job with the police department. And now, having just recently built a new home, he’s all settled in.

1. Having watched The Notebook more times than I’m willing to share with my friends.

2. Ron Burgundy because I have many leather-bound books, and my house smells of rich mahogany.

3. I would be a honey badger.

4. Handle bar mustache, but my work restricts me to a regular mustache, which I try and pull off from time to time, usually unsuccessfully.

5. Batman.

Chris Kleine, 28 Alexandria Financial Analyst, Geneva Capital

Chris can’t get enough of the summers in his Alexandria hometown, which is probably why he’s never taken the time to visit the ocean. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, going to various sporting events, camping, fishing, hunting and doing virtually anything outdoors during those hot summer months. Genuine and focused, Chris possesses a great sense of humor. Looking back to his childhood, he loved the many visits he would make to his grandparents’ farm and being able to spend time with his grandfather, something he still enjoys doing today.

1. I watch The Bachelor.

2. Woody from Toy Story.

3. A pelican. I could spend the day on the lake “fishing” or soaring high up in the sky riding the thermals.

4. A handlebar mustache.

5. I’m not saying I’m Batman, however nobody has ever seen Batman and me in the same room at the same time.

Zach Conover, 25 Nelson Diesel mechanic, Central Specialties, Inc.

Diesel mechanics often get down and dirty, but this particular mechanic knows how to clean up with magic tricks and sweet melodies on the guitar. Zach just goes wherever life takes him, and right now, it has him settled in Nelson. He’s a quirky guy, but that sits hand-in-hand with his willingness to help people and share a laugh. He’s had experiences all across the board, including going to a Twins game with his grandfather and his current role as a Shriner. There’s much more to Zach than meets the eye.

1. Wearing Zubaz. They’re like sweatpants but way better.

2. The Hulk because I’m a pretty stout person.

3. White tiger because they are rare and if you ever see one, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

4. Rock facial hair? I own facial hair…

5. Batman.

Mike Widner, 42 Alexandria Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church

Mike doesn’t like the cold, but that’s not too surprising considering he hails from Helotes, Texas, near San Antonio, a place rife with warmth and above-zero temps. A position nicely suited to his pastoral skills at Calvary Lutheran Church called him to the area. His idea of a good time includes photography, movies, volleyball and spending time with friends. In fact, his ability to have fun harkens back to his childhood full of crazy sleepovers and riding his bike all around town with his friends. Some qualities? Considerate, funny and a good listener. He’s all these and more, and he’s hardly ever without a smile on his face. You can take that to the bank!

1. Blue Bell ice cream (it’s a Texas brand, and any flavor will do) and watching Survivor and How I Met Your Mother.

2. According to the Facebook quizzes, I’m either Ron Weasley from Harry Potter because I’m funny and loyal or I’m Yoda from Star Wars because I’m wise and a good teacher.

3. Some sort of large breed dog because they are good companions and seem to just enjoy the moment as it happens, having fun and living it up.

4. Umm, the beard I’m rocking now!

5. Spider-Man.

Danny Sieve, 38 Alexandria Real estate agent, Coldwell Banker, Crown Realtors

Danny is an Alexandrian, born and bred. He enjoys what any manly man would enjoy, activities such as tackling house fires, golfing, skiing, boating the chain, home improvement, fishing in Canada with his dad and four brothers, extreme ironing, pen and pencil repair and collecting Montgomery Ward catalogs from the 1970s. He has great features too: a great sense of humor, and he’s an excellent cook. But be careful. The voices in his head can speak four different languages…(just kidding!). His father once took him out to the middle of Lake L’Homme Dieu and threw him off the boat. Danny is convinced he was just trying to teach him how to swim. Like his father before him, Danny is dedicated to being a great father to his 8-year-old daughter, Kendra, a task that gives him incredible satisfaction. She is his “reason.”

1. Celebrating my birthday every year like the day I was born…naked and crying!

2. I can relate most to the fictional character James Bond because like me, he lives an adventurous, romantic life filled with fast cars, beautiful woman and…

3. Wolverine because I’d have the facial hair already. (See next question.)

4. I would definitely rock the full Wolverine for facial hair. Hugh Jackman could be my personal hero because like him, I too have discovered I have some mutant characteristics. Sure I can rescue people from car wrecks yeah, but hey…

5. Bats are cooler than spiders.

Anthony Zimny, 29 Alexandria Part owner, Dilley Zimny Insurance

Born and raised in Alexandria, Anthony returned to his hometown after graduating fromcollege to work at his dad’s insurance company, becoming a part owner himself. Describing himself as attentive, hardworking and orderly, it may be surprising to learn that in the 5th grade Anthony’s band teacher asked him to either start taking lessons or quit! He likes being active outside by running, working out, deer hunting, and snowmobiling. He loves sports, especially golf, but growing up he was particularly fond of tee ball.

1. Hands down: Oreos.

2. Jerry Seinfeld.

3. An eagle. I could soar the earth while being protected.

4. A soul patch.

5. Batman because when I’m not him, I can be Bruce Wayne.

● ● ●

Being single isn’t always easy. It can get lonely, it’s a little harder to do things by yourself and you constantly have to experience blooming romantic relationships all around you.

So just stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Heed this advice: Singleness is empowering.

No, seriously. Think about it. You are independent. You are charting your own course. And you are growing more and more in who you are as an exceptional individual. You are the only person in the entire world who can be you. Isn’t that inspiring?

For both men and women, spouses and significant others can’t define you. You alone can figure out exactly who you are, and singleness is one of the greatest ways to achieve this. Embrace it while you can until the right partner comes strolling along.

And if singleness is the chosen life for you, then even more power to you!

We’ve managed to round up these 10 guys, so you can bet your britches they’re out there. And for those of you who want a significant other, there’s one out there for you. You might not meet in the way you think, so just get out there and have fun.