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The Minnesota Twins recognized Chaplain Jeremy Pedersen (left) and Owen Miller with the Douglas County and the city of Alexandria's Yellow Ribbon Network on the field prior to the April 16 game at Target Field. (Contributed photo)

Minnesota Twins salute local Yellow Ribbon effort

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Douglas County and Alexandria's Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program was a hit at Target Field.

Before a Minnesota Twins game began on April 16, this announcement came over the PA system:


"Please direct your attention to home plate. The Minnesota Twins are pleased to recognize our commitment to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is a program pioneered by the Minnesota National Guard to connect all Minnesota service members and their families with community support, services and resources.

"Throughout this season, the Twins will recognize Yellow Ribbon Networks that go above and beyond in supporting service members and their families.

"Tonight, we are recognizing Douglas County and the city of Alexandria's Yellow Ribbon Network. Their network was established in December 2010 and they received the Governor's Yellow Ribbon Proclamation recognition in 2012. Approximately 50 people are involved in their network.

"They've held picnics and date nights for service members and their families. This has helped loved ones to stay connected or reconnect after a deployment. This network has been involved in everything from home and car repairs to assisting in snow removal, yard clean-up and providing financial relief through gift card donations.

"On the field tonight is Owen Miller, who is the chair for their network, Chaplain Jeremy Pedersen, their faith committee chair, and Staff Sergeant Andrew Allison, their military liaison from Company A, 1-194 Armor [Allison was unable to attend the ceremony].

"Thank you, Douglas County and the city of Alexandria's Yellow Ribbon Network!"

To learn how you can employ veterans or support military families, visit

Local military families and/or soldiers needing assistance may call (320) 762-8151 (available 24 hours).