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Marty Seifert as governor would understand outstate needs

To the editor:

I encourage your vote for Marty Seifert for governor August 12, 2014. I have known Marty Seifert over 15 years. During my tenure as a state representative, I served with him four years.

Marty grew up on a farm and currently lives in Marshall, MN. He is the only candidate for governor who is not from the metro area. This is important!

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled one-man, one-vote, it did away with area representation in state government. (The U.S. Senate provides this balance in the federal government.) This has given the metro area an advantage in passing laws favorable to their interests.

When I was superintendent of schools in Alexandria, this was most noticeable in the area of school funding, which was disproportionally in favor of metro schools.

We need a governor such as Marty Seifert who understands the needs of outstate Minnesota.

He will assure equitable funding for outstate schools, he understands agriculture and other outstate issues, which will be considered before he signs new laws.

I can personally vouch for his ability, honesty and integrity and would strongly encourage you to vote for Marty Seifert for governor August 12, 2014.

(A paid political letter)