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Many questions about Benghazi attack

To the editor:

A letter in the March 21 issue of the Echo Press asked: “Do you think the embassy attack in Benghazi is different from the 11 embassy attacks with 55 deaths that occurred under the Bush administration?”

First, the Benghazi facility was neither an embassy nor a consulate. The White House described it as a “diplomatic mission.”

Why was Ambassador Stevens sent to such a dangerous place? What was his mission?

Leading up to the attack, there were seven attacks on Western interests in Benghazi, along with repeated requests for increased security. Who in Hilary Clinton’s State Department made the decision to not just deny, but actually reduce security?

Why was no rescue attempt made once the attack began? We might be more understanding if military assets had been launched and did not arrive in time; however, the fact that they were not even launched cannot be justified. Who ordered the stand down and why?

Where was the president and what did he do? Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified the president told Panetta to handle it and then disappeared. There were no further communications between them throughout the attack. Next morning, President Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing and flew off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

After the attack, which killed Amb. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, ex-Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, why did President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Panetta look into the eyes of the families and lie to them and the American people about an anti-Muslim video causing the attack?

To date, no one has been held responsible for any part of this travesty. Instead, President Obama’s administration continues to stonewall and cover-up the event. The president even called it a “phony scandal.”

References: C-SPAN,,, Please research Benghazi yourself.