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Livestock owners must register feedlots by December 31

Douglas County farm/ feedlot registrations from the 2006-09 registration cycle will expire Tuesday, December 31.

The County Land and Resource Management Department sent out registration forms in early 2013 to all those needing to update their registry for the next four-year cycle. Many forms have been returned, but some are still outstanding.

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Farms and feedlots that are required by the state to be registered are those that are capable of holding 50 or more animal units or have manure storage for 50 or more animal units.

In shoreland areas near lakes and large wetlands, facilities with 10 or more animal units or manure storage for 10 or more animal units are required to be registered.

Currently, 408 livestock sites within Douglas County are required to be registered.

Farms that have not returned an updated registration form, need to register a new site, or have questions about being registered, should contact Deja Anton, Douglas County feedlot coordinator, in the Land and Resource Management office at (320) 762-2932.