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Listen to all sides in important issues

To the editor:

A recent letter suggesting I “toughen up” proved my point, even if they didn’t understand it. I had written if someone has a discussion not going their way, they leave the discussion and attack their opponents, sometimes with statements that aren’t true.

Watch what a majority of the press does to anyone that doesn’t join them at the altar of man-made global warming. Even brilliant scientists, with peer reviewed research become targets.

It’s ironic that 74 people were just rescued from a ship in the Antarctic. They were there to observe how the polar ice is vanishing(we were told in 2008 that it would vanish in 5 years)when their ship became trapped in thick ice. They were brought to a Chinese ship, and now both ships are stuck in the ice.

Maybe a farmer, lender or crop insurance agent can write to explain the results in agriculture if they greatly reduce using chemicals and fertilizer. Could enough crops be grown to repay operating loans, generate income to fund their operations plus feed their families and the world?

Maybe people from business and industry could explain the outcome if their energy costs increase 12 to 30 percent. Can consumers afford their electric rate increases plus a large price increase in everything they purchase? The poor will be affected much more than the wealthy.

A survey was sent to all members of the American Meteorological Society. Of the 1,821 replies, only 52 percent accepted manmade global warming. The NOAA predicted 2013 would have severe tornado and hurricane seasons. A shift in Pacific Ocean currents is a major reason it didn’t occur. Climate models used by global warmers don’t take into account oceans or sun activity.

All sides should be listened to in an issue this large and important.

Pryce Score

Kensington, MN