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Life’s mission has been discovered

To the editor:

I awoke this morning and wondered about one’s life mission. I had thought of it as what we do for career or do with our loved ones.

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a complete stranger who wanted to chat about an article I had written. That conversation was very profound to me.

One afternoon, when again we spoke, I realized then that no, I still did not get one’s “life mission,” because as I was about to find out, this gentleman is working through depression and he was reaching out because I had taken a moment to listen. Recently, I took a moment to finally meet him.

He told me I had made his day for taking a moment to hear him talk to someone that he felt would listen. He fights every day to keep his head lifted high. But he does fight and has a plan to try and help others. It was then I realized what my life’s mission was again.

1.) Do not get so caught up in our own day-to-day world to miss what is going on around us.

2.) Do not forget to listen when spoken to, as the richness of that conversation can be lost forever if we do not stop and listen.

3.) Do not forget to look up no matter what your faith or non-faith is or your Karma. Look up and say thank you to those that bring people into your lives for a reason.

4.) Do not forget we do not always know the reason why, but in the end there was a very good reason and it will be shown to you.

So my life’s mission is “Remember the Above.” And, he may have thought that I made his day, but actually, he made mine.