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Letters of concern should be signed

To the editor:

I am a county commissioner and I take representing the people of Douglas County seriously.

I recently received an unsigned letter complaining about the condition of several roads in the county. I was left to wonder what the real issues were.

When letters and phone messages are received without contact information, it is frustrating on several levels.

I have asked people to let me know what their thoughts or concerns are, and in turn I would get back to them with answers. They may not have been the answers they liked, but we had the opportunity to discuss the issues and possible solutions. That is the wonderful part of local government and why it works as well as it does.

Without open conversation about issues, we lose the opportunity to have everyone feel they can make a difference.

So, please, in the future, leave your contact information when you have a concern. I know I can speak for all of the commissioners that we will make every effort to return your calls, e-mails and letters.