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Letter: We are more alike than different

To the editor:

The response to Dr. Alakhras’s letter reporting an insulting experience he had while house hunting in Alexandria has been heartening. It’s good to know that many good people were equally offended by what appeared to be a demeaning racially-charged experience.

Incidents like these give us all an opportunity to examine the cause of racism. We can ask ourselves why some humans act this way. It’s probably true that you can be taught to hate, but there also seems to be a very human tendency to distrust others who are not like us.

Fortunately, when we become aware of these feelings in ourselves we can consult our own moral sensibility and recognize that although we, too, may be afraid of others, we don’t have to act on those feelings. We can resist negative impulses and recognize we have a stronger community when we accept others who are different.

It has been my experience that as soon as I meet someone and get to know them better, I begin to understand them and I am suddenly aware that we are much more alike than different.

My life has been enriched by getting to know Dr. Alakhras and his wife, Wafa, because they are delightful people whom I am very glad to know.

Dr. Erika Johnson

Alexandria, MN