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Letter: Some needed advice for court appearance

To the editor:

I’ve recently been attending court proceedings as an observer and have seen something that irks me.

When you as an offender are appearing before a judge, please dress and act accordingly. The judge is deciding your future because you more than likely were incapable of deciding your future for yourself.

You are in the judge’s courtroom, not your own. Show the court some respect by appearing to act responsible, by reducing the face hardware, answering questions with a, “Yes, Judge.” “No, Judge,” instead of a “Yep” or “Nope.”

Flip-flops. Really? Do you think the judge will be impressed by your tattoos? Shredded jeans and tube-tops might have been the attire you wore when you got arrested, but that should have ended there.

How about swinging the chair back and forth?

And my favorite is when someone doesn’t show up as scheduled, known as an FTA (failure to appear). Perhaps the offender thinks the judge’s order will simply disappear, but in reality it will chase them forever.

Just a little constructive criticism to help you with your future, if you give it a half a chance.

Cris Reece

Alexandria, MN