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Letter - Road project hurts Holmes City

To the editor:

Summer is upon us along with the road construction season. Holmes City is scheduled for a reconstruction project – not the road resurfacing and curb and gutter that was discussed years ago. It will dig up the existing County Road 4 in Holmes City and take the curve out in front of Blades Store to improve the flow of traffic.

If you live in Holmes City, you know the road already goes too fast (over 30 miles per hour). It is also a town with no sidewalks, so safety is a concern. So if the project goes through, Blades Store has indicated it will close. We will lose our post office. The town was built before current codes so we are too close to the water, in the right of way of the road.

If the department of transportation goes through with this project we, as a town, will cease to exist.

Try to get to our Saturday morning farmers’ market at Trinity Lutheran Church and stop by Blades Store any day of the week to get gas, bait, milk or whatever and mail your mail here. If you just come for the ride on a beautiful day, stop by. It is a beautiful town. We who live here enjoy the natural beauty.