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Letter: Enjoy fabulous life of noise

To the editor:

I have to write regarding the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down “Alex is a noisy city.” Yes, we are noisy and alive and well. Thanks for asking.

The motorcyclist is out enjoying nature on a machine he worked hard to pay for and dearly loves. That’s how he/she relaxes. Let the wind blow through their hair and maybe some of the pains of the day go with it so they can repeat another day in the off-chance they can work hard enough to retire themselves.

As for the big trucks: Gee, they bring us fuel, food, construction materials (which provide jobs so they can afford that motorcycle or some other toy that tickles their fancy). And the garbage truck takes it away so we can recycle or at least not pile it in our yard. How does our clothing get here? How do our kids get to school? Big, noisy bus.

Quiet is when we die or go deaf. Let’s enjoy the fabulous life we have going on around us and remember when we were part of that noise. What if all the birds stopped singing? Would that be quiet enough? Happy noise. Praise the Lord.

I would like to add this one more comment not related to noise/quiet. I give out samples at one of our local stores and it just amazes me how parents are telling their little ones to say, “Thank you.” Many, many years ago someone said, “Manners are caught, not taught.” Sometimes we adults forget, but it started out right. Keep up the good work, parents. Thank you for caring.

Linda Corey Fiebelkorn

Alexandria, MN