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Knute Nelson awarded grant to improve patient safety

The Cardinal Health Foundation has awarded the Knute Nelson Foundation a grant to help improve medication safety as part of its E3 Grant Program focusing on effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in health care.

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Knute Nelson was selected among 29 organizations throughout the U.S. to receive funding.

Knute Nelson will pursue methods to increase medication safety and communication throughout care transitions from acute to post-acute providers, standardize medication reconciliation processes and ensure greater patient understanding and knowledge of medications.

Activities will help support avoidable re-hospitalizations and decreased usage of medications due to polypharmacy, adverse drug reactions among others.

“The Cardinal Health Foundation grant allows us to empower and educate individuals about managing their respective medications to foster a greater understanding of diagnosis, daily living, medication management, healthy habits and being actively involved in their care, which is invaluable,” said Angie Urman, senior vice president of operations of Knute Nelson.

Since its inception in 2008, the E3 Grant Program has awarded more than 200 grants, totaling $6.15 million, to health care institutions across the U.S. to advance the effectiveness, efficiency and excellence of health care.

The program has generated millions of dollars in cost savings, with the most recent grantees focused on reducing medication errors reporting savings of more than $11 million.

For information on Knute Nelson, call (320) 763-6653 or visit or.