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It’s time to man the pumps for the USA

To the editor:

I searched for some understandable way to make my point, and I may have found it. Try this, though it may be weak and lame and faulty:

Imagine two massive boulders, side by side, on unyielding ground. One boulder is The Declaration of Independence. The other is our United States Constitution.

One day it starts to rain, slowly at first, nearly imperceptible, but ultimately it covers the boulders. The water is brackish, almost gray, containing a variety of components.

There are the murderous consequences of abortion. There are the slime and filth of pornography. There is the unnaturalness of same-sex marriage, rendering procreation impossible. There are the welfare state, re-distribution, stealing from those who have (because they earned it) and giving to those who have not, and will not work for it.

That’s a picture of the USA today, floundering in the waters of secular humanism, anything-goes ideology, disregard for human life at certain stages, unaccountability, irresponsibility. The Declaration and The Constitution have been virtually eliminated as the basis for life and behavior in our land.

The water has made it difficult to see the boulders, though they have never moved. Then, gradually, the rain stopped, the waters receded, the boulders were again visible: Solid, still in place as always.

The truth in those two majestic documents will again take their place as vital and necessary for the continuance of the great political experiment known as The United States of America, brought into existence with the guiding hand of The One Who Rules among the nations. But it’s going to take some work by her citizens, who need to man the pumps in draining the components of that sullied, destructive, inhuman water.