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It’s an opinion on the Opinion page

To the editor:

Dear Mr. Miller, in stating that my claims to ethanol are “uneducated” [2/28/14 Echo Press, Page 4], you contradicted yourself many times.

First, you state that food prices are declining, but compared to what and when? You also state that corn is at an all-time low, but then continue on with how farmers are thriving and doing well. That makes no sense. Farmers would be making more money at $8 a bushel compared to the $4 price you mentioned.

And it’s funny how you fail to mention that a vehicle gets fewer miles-per gallon burning E85, thus needing to fill up more often. And finally, E85 and this ethanol is not a “natural” renewable resource as it is chemically and genetically altered.

You continue to mention such studies, but fail to mention studies on mice in which their stomachs exploded from eating this corn, yet the USDA has approved it safe. Further studies reveal the loss of field plants that have led to the endangerment of the monarch butterfly.

Then you also fail to mention that during the refining of oil to make gas, they are also producing diesel and kerosene. Also, since this corn is a GMO (genetically modified organism) many countries will not buy it from us, and you have to wonder what effects it is having on our health.

And, in conclusion, I would like to mention that my “uneducated” statements were made in the “Opinion” section. Think about that.