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It may come as a gentle knock on mind’s door

To the editor:

I was moved by the article on “Prepare to meet God,” as I’m sure many people were. I started to wonder about how we pray, and thought you would share this with the readers.

Do you know someone who’s getting ready to die? Are you their son or daughter, parent or spouse? Maybe a best friend?

You’re exhausted from all the stress. You pray and pray, but there’s no change? Then go someplace where you can be alone and scream, and yell, and let out the pain you have inside. Vent until it’s all out.

Then talk to God while you clean up any mess you made. You may be ready now to follow the Spirit’s lead, or it may come as a gentle knock on the door of your mind at 2 a.m.

When it comes, follow it. If you’re told to write a letter, just go along. When the tears and the gut-wrenching pain starts, you’re going in the right direction. Not you’re getting into Jesus’ territory, and He listens.

The deeper your pain, the more He hears you. Trust it. Go with it. Don’t be afraid. He will be with you.

When the Spirit is done, you’ll know. And when you’re resting, you’ll feel a gentle touch of His hand and a wave passes through you to wash all the pain away – the gentle touch of Jesus.