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Industrial skunk is a double-cross to residents

To the editor:

At Friday’s, March 28, Land and Resource Management viewing of the proposed animal feedlot in Evansville Township, approximately 50 area residents voiced their deepest concerns about the many hazards overlooked in the permit application.

Most residents felt that the factory farm proposers and county zoning greatly underestimated what is necessary to mitigate run-off pollution to the Chippewa River. Many noted that the air/odor pollution affecting the respiratory health of adjacent households went unaddressed. Also, the application gave no consideration of compensation to long-time residents for economic losses due to future unsalability of property near this project.

To some, permitting this “industrial skunk” will appear as a double-cross to a neighborhood where the county previously had expected and enforced residential quality standards.

Because the scope and timing of the permitting process is so narrow and truncated, others felt a powerlessness before this factory farm steamroller.

The next and possibly the only public hearing is at the Douglas County Court House, Commissioners’ Room on the second floor, Tuesday, April 8, at 6 p.m.