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The importance of wolves to Minnesota

To the editor:

We are fortunate as Minnesotans. Besides living in this beautiful state, we share it with an amazing array of non-human animals. One of those creatures that is recognized by some as sacred is the gray wolf.

Minnesota hosts the only original wolf population in the lower 48 states. This beautiful and intelligent animal, which lives within its own complex family/social network, plays a crucial role in the ecosystem of Minnesota, and without it the whole system will suffer.

So why do we seem willing to take the gray wolf for granted, and treat it as something to be hunted for sport? Should such an animal be so viewed and treated?

We do not know what will happen to the wolf population in this state if we continue to kill them as we are, while many others already die without human involvement.

The wolf is an iconic species that supports other wildlife by its very presence in our forests. I think we need to stop the wolf hunt immediately. And the baiting, trapping and snaring wolves should end as well. I expect that others have a similar perspective and I hope they will make it known to our legislators.