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I love you, mom

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I love you, mom
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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, children are scrambling to find the perfect way to say, “I love you, Mom.”

To celebrate, the Echo Press asked Alicia Schmitke’s fourth-sixth graders at New Testament Christian School in Alexandria to show their love with words.

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In the following essays, they expressed exactly “Why I love my mom.”

I love my mom because she is my everything. She is my super hero, a.k.a. my super mom. She is amazing. She is a great cook. She pushes me to do great things. She’s a shoulder to cry on. She is always there for me. She makes me laugh. She has provided so much for me. I don’t deserve the love she gives. I love you, Mom.

Lillian R.

5th Grade

I love my mom because she makes me laugh.

Cole D.

5th Grade

I love my mom because she feeds me every day. I love my mom because she cleans up all my mess. I love my mom because she always makes me laugh. I love my mom because she always cleans my clothes. I love my mom because she helps me when I fall, and that’s why I love my mom most of all.

Alex G.

4th Grade

I love my mom because she adopted me from foster care. And I had a horrible life in foster care. My mom says she loves me all the time.

Mikey J.

6th Grade

My mother is the best. Her super powers would be smart, kind, and nice-ness. She would help all the kids and never get angry.

My mother, Mandi, is very nice. She makes me laugh when she is sarcastic, and she’s very beautiful. She also tickles me and loves me so much. I love her too and always, forever.

Mom always said to be happy, and I love you. When I was little, we prayed together.

I love my mom. She will always be my hero and mother. I will love her forever! (She also does a lot for me.)

Mackenzie T.

4th Grade

I love my mom because she does things for me out of love. She has a heart for helping others.


6th Grade