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How much more debate on climate?

To the editor:

Need debate on climate change? Really? Right in Alexandria at the Senior College, John Abraham, a debater of the first order, and Mark Seeley, the state climatologist, have been available repeatedly and openly for all to hear and question. Paul Douglas, meteorologist, was available for questioning right on KXRA. The weekly climate cast from WSJU takes questions and comments regularly.

More widely, the debate has taken place in the science press, in the Star Tribune, even in the Echo Press, occasionally in garden journals, often on The Weather Channel and in news from The Rocky Mountain Institute, NASA, NOAA, ENREL, NCAR; and this just touches the list. Even so, after all of the data and news from government laboratories, our government still holds it focus on subsidies to oil companies.

Never mind that the debate has gone on for at least 30 years with the involvement of thousands of Ph.D.s, current, retired and dead, at universities, national laboratories, research parks, foundations, institutes and industries. Despite giga-factorial analysis and cascades of conclusions, a pittance of scientists call for debate anymore.

The Jeanne Johnsons of the world are hardly major players in all of this. They just can’t help noticing.

Judith S. Rose Alexandria, MN