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A house divided against itself cannot stand

To the editor:

I have a few friends who work in one or another capacity in St. Paul for the Legislature or other state agencies. They are saying that the bosses in the public employee unions are tickled pink by some things happening in rural Minnesota.

The DFL-allied unions have been trying for several years to unseat conservative Republicans from the Legislature. Now, they are openly gleeful that they have infiltrated GOP groups in Northwest Minnesota to stir discord among the members. They have set members against each other to the extent that some GOP incumbents, who have been steadfast in their opposition to DFL policies, are uncertain of their constituents’ support in the fall elections.

One of our nation’s founders, while engaged in the Revolutionary War against the British Crown, famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand … it will fall.” It looks like the DFL have found a formula to make that happen soon. Will it be very long before we are all living in Obamaville?