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Homan is a great choice for sheriff

To the editor:

I would like to say some things about my friend Rich Homan and why I think he would be a great choice for sheriff of Douglas County. I attended elementary school with him in Clarkfield, MN. His parents were farmers and taught Rich the core values of hard work along with being respectful and helpful to others in their time of need. His desire to share his values shows when he takes time to teach others in the ATCC Law Enforcement program.

He is active in his church and within the community. Rich cares about his family, community, state and country and how he can improve it.

I believe he would not be running for county sheriff for any other reason than to make what is good, even better.

It would be my hope that every voter in Douglas County at least take a few seconds to see the quality in Rich. His role as a state trooper for the past 20-plus years should tell you he is experienced in leadership and experience in how to manage law enforcement.

This is what I have seen from my friend Rich Homan during his life and the person he has grown into.

(A paid political letter)