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This sculpture in front of MeritCare Hospital in Fargo was created by Matt Thompson, a 1997 Jefferson High School graduate.

'Hearts set on fire'

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'Hearts set on fire'
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The close of the centennial year of MeritCare Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota, was celebrated with the dedication of a new sculpture added to the property.

The work of art was created by a former Alexandria resident, Matt Thompson, who is currently a graphic designer at MeritCare.

The sculpture stands nearly 11 feet high and, when viewed from an angle, an image of a heart emerges.

The mechanical element of an eternal flame is situated on the top of the sculpture, which is located just outside MeritCare's main entrance in the Healing Garden.

Thompson's inspiration for the design came from a quote by O.J. Hagen, a 1920's doctor and one of the early founders of Fargo's hospital and clinic: "Keep in mind this great fact, that nothing worthwhile happens of itself, but is the result of hearts set on fire."

Thompson is the son of Doug and Julie Thompson of Alexandria, and is a 1997 graduate of Jefferson High School. He has a bachelor of arts degree in sculpture and painting from the University of Minnesota, Morris.

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