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Get informed and know your neighbors

To the editor:

If you see something, say something. That is the common phrase we all hear at airports, sporting events, and any other area where crowds gather. These are not the only places where this rule should adhere. If you see a building project in your neighborhood, say something. Get informed. Know your neighbors.

Recently in our relatively quiet neighborhood, a structure has been built that has turned out to be less than desirable. I hesitate to reference it as a house, because in my opinion it can only be described as a male dormitory.

Since its completion in November, when the tenants took possession, we have seen firsthand what happens as a result of not being informed.

We have had the sheriff intervene on three separate occasions for trespassing, unlicensed vehicles and improperly blocking emergency traffic lanes.

Additionally, we have been victimized by refuse scattered across our property as a result of overflowing waste bins without the use of garbage bags.

While under construction, the owner, who is not a resident of the structure and in fact lives on the other side of town, repeatedly promised there would be no issues. Phone calls to the owner have been answered with snide remarks, if the calls are even answered at all.

To add insult to injury, it has become apparent that Saturday nights this dormitory transforms into a nightclub as there are at a minimum 10 cars in the driveway and lining the streets.

Don’t let your quiet neighborhood fall prey to slumlords. If you see something, say something. Say something to the city, county, builders, owners or to anyone who will listen until you are informed about what is actually being constructed. If you don’t, you could possibly end up with a dormitory next door.