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Franson gives statement on child care unionization lawsuit

Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) released the following statement on the news that Governor Dayton and the Bureau of Mediation Services will be forced to pay $60,000 to home-based child care providers who successfully fought in court Dayton’s attempt to unilaterally impose a child care union election in 2011.

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“This is a victory for the hard working child care providers of Minnesota. Governor Dayton’s attempt to unilaterally impose a union election on child care providers needlessly wasted $60,000 of taxpayer dollars as he defended his action in court. Now the taxpayers are on the hook to clean up his mistake,” Franson said.

The lawsuit relating to the 2013 child care unionization law passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature and signed by the governor is pending in federal court. The law itself remains on hold after an injunction was ordered by a federal appellate court.

“While the fight in federal court goes on, I’ll continue to advocate for the hard working moms and dads of Minnesota who can’t afford the higher costs and fewer options that unionization imposes on child care,” Franson said.