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Fond memories of house lost to fire

To the editor:

I am the granddaughter of Leona Diedrich, who owned the home on 409 Elm Street in Alexandria before the Wagners did. She owned the home for 40 years. We as a family are completely saddened by the fire of the home. We have so many fond memories, but we know it is just a material possession. The memories we have will live on in our hearts and minds forever.

Putting all that aside, we are so thankful that this family made the decision they did to leave the night before the fire. We delight in God’s protection for them.

Our hearts are hurting for this family and their loss of everything.

Some of us still reside in Minnesota and some of us in New Mexico, and we vow to offer our help from afar.

God is good and we know our grandma would want us to help in a time of need. She just passed away in June and we will continue her legacy of the most beautiful, Christian, loving person she was.