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Families and businesses still struggling

To the editor:

What a rosy picture Shawn Olson painted of the DFL in his recent letter [2/21/14 Echo Press, Page 4]. The letter was far short of the truth.

When the GOP controlled the Legislature, they offered to pay the school shifts sooner. Mark Dayton vetoed that. The GOP passed balanced budgets and sent them to the governor. Dayton vetoed those budgets and shut Minnesota government down because those budgets did not spend enough.

Now Mr. Olson and the DFL are taking credit for paying off schools, balancing the budget and the surplus that resulted from budgets passed by the GOP.

Don’t believe me. Take a look at Governor Dayton’s own presentation on Page 9 here:

Then the persuasion continues with all day kindergarten, local government aid and the first property tax cut in a decade. Preschool spending and all-day kindergarten do not fix the problems we have with education. Studies have shown that any positive effect they have are gone by the third grade.

Let’s stop with the lies already; there was no property tax rate cut. It was a hope that property taxes would be reduced that never materialized.

Take another look at the DFL? Yes, you should, especially you that voted for them. Those same DFL politicians need to understand that our checkbooks are not their ATM. They need to understand that families, small businesses and taxpayers are still struggling and often just treading water.

The $2 billion-plus in new taxes and spending were unnecessary and put on the backs of all Minnesotans. Instead of reform and budget restraint, we got spend, spend and spend. Is that what your family does when money is tight? But that’s what we get from the DFL that Mr. Olson wants you to take another look at.

Want more tax increases? I sure don’t!